TALES FROM THE MANOR: Featuring Stories from CCHRA Residents

Published On October 22, 2020 | News, Slide

Tales from the Manor is a radio show (now book) that spotlights the generational wisdom of CCHRA elders rarely included in history books. What began by CCHRA partner Enough Pie as a weekly radio show on 96.3 OHM Radio (formerly housed in the Joseph Floyd Manor) to explore the lives of CCHRA residents, Tales from the Manor has become an important conversation about building communities, neighborhoods, and economies that serve the needs of all. Each episode features a resident who shares their life story, including their history of Charleston and the challenges and triumphs of the Upper Peninsula then and now.


Past episodes can be found on iTunes Podcasts or Enough Pie’s Soundcloud page. 

Tales from the Manor can be purchased online at: Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, and is available for check-out at the Charleston County Public Library system. We hope you enjoy learning about our community — we are proud to serve them.

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