The Charleston County Housing and Redevelopment Authority was created March 15, 1972 by a Resolution of the Charleston Legislative Delegation and by a subsequent Ordinance of Charleston County Council dated July 18, 1972. It is a separate entity from the County of Charleston Government with its own Board of Commissioners.

Since that resolution, the Authority has grown to house 256 seniors and disabled residents on two sites: Joseph Floyd Manor and Brighton Place. An additional 143 families are housed in single-family homes; many  of these homes are brick, have garages, and feature 3 bedrooms, some with 2 or 2 ½ baths — all these dwellings are located in neighborhoods and subdivisions of Charleston County. Additionally, we serve over 1,000 families through providing the families with Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers. Twenty-nine of CCHRA’s Section 8 families are enrolled in a special Family Self-Sufficiency program designed to assist them in becoming totally free of all government subsidy in five years.

The Charleston County Housing and Redevelopment Authority provides quality affordable housing and assists in improving economic opportunities for the low-income citizens of Charleston County.

That the Charleston County Housing and Redevelopment Authority will be a high performing, national leader in anticipating and meeting the needs of low-income citizens of Charleston County for affordable housing and economic opportunities through both public and private sectors.

Read our 5 Year Plan: PHA 5-Year Plan 2015 – SC056v02

Meet Our Board of Commissioners

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