On Friday, April 2, a CCHRA staff member received a call after 11pm that the heat at Joseph Floyd Manor was out. The contractor was unable to service the building immediately that evening, but was onsite early Saturday morning (April 3) and the heat was restored by 10:00 AM.

On Saturday, without the knowledge of CCHRA, a campaign to solicit space heaters was created by a local group. While this effort was intended to be helpful, space heaters are the number one cause of fires in elderly communities.

Because of this important fire safety hazard, CCHRA’s maintenance staff purchases brand new space heaters each year to distribute to our residents in cases of emergencies. When we have rectified the emergency, maintenance retrieves the space heaters from the resident’s units and stores it back in our inventory. These space heaters are inspected and replaced yearly. Following protocols and allowing staff to address emergencies according to safety and hazards processes is instrumental to the well-being of our community.

February, 2021: The JFM Redevelopment Committee convened for the second time for our regular monthly meeting (2nd Tuesday of every month). Led by CCHRA CEO & Subcommittee Co-Chair Erica Bryant, the meeting focused on the various funding models for the JFM redevelopment, reviewing common tools for finance development, including Low-Income Tax Credits, Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), Capital Fund Financing Program, Choice Neighborhood Program, Federal Housing Administration, Federal Home Loan Banks, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Operating Fund Financing Program, and Conventional Debt Instruments. The subcommittee expressed special interest in the Choice Neighborhood Program, and will be delving deeper into this program to understand if this is a good direction for the Joseph Floyd Manor and the Upper Peninsula. 

Discussion continued around what type of development the CCHRA would be seeking — conventional, turnkey, acquisition, force account labor, or mixed-finance development. At this moment, the committee leans towards conventional and/or turnkey development with a commitment to keep an open mind as opportunities unfold. The co-chairs opened the meeting for questions and discussion, and the desire for stronger relationships and greater support from the Charleston County Council was discussed by CCHRA Board Chair Sandino Moses & Vice-Chair Patrick King. 

For the March meeting, speakers with expertise on developing in Housing Authorities will attend to share best practice and answer questions. The subcommittee has completed the major redevelopment “LEAD THE WAY” training as agreed upon in the January meeting. The next meeting is Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

January, 2021: The Board of Commissioners of the CCHRA is excited to announce the formation of a subcommittee (informally called the JFM Redevelopment Committee) that began in January, 2021. Committee Chair Patrick King and Co-Chair Erica Bryant, Interim CEO of CCHRA, co-lead the committee of eight members, made up of Board of Commissioners and Staff members. The first meeting reviewed the HUD Training Manual “Lead The Way” key points to undergo a major redevelopment. The committee has been tasked to complete the development section of this HUD training before the February 2021 meeting.

The subcommittee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and expects this to be a 3-5 year process. The initial meetings will invite experts across multiple disciplines to speak to the subcommittee as a foundation for the development. The goal is for the project to open to Request for Proposals by the end of 2021. We hold the mission of CCHRA – to provide quality affordable housing to assist in improving economic opportunities for the low-income citizens of Charleston County – as the foundation of this groundbreaking project. We will post monthly updates at so please stay connected!

December, 2020: Friends of Joseph Floyd Manor is a group of community members who support the wellbeing of the residents of Joseph Floyd Manor.  The group was created in March 2020 in an effort to provide additional support and connect residents, staff & board to supplemental resources & innovative solutions.

Community Partners include Enough Pie, BoomTownROI, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, & concerned neighbors who each have a history of collaborating with the residents on various projects in the past, & with the City of Charleston, SC Government Mayor’s Office on Aging & the Trident Area Agency on Aging, we pursue short and long term solutions to best address residents’ livability concerns together. If you are interested in joiningFriends of Joseph Floyd Manor, or joining volunteer resident support projects (food delivery & donations, supply drives, garden care, resource communication assistance among others)  please contact:

Facebook: Friends of JFM 




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