Stay On Top Of COVID-19

Published On March 11, 2020 | News

Stay On Top Of COVID-19

Healthcare/COVID Testing Sites:

MUSC – Through Website:  (FREE CODE:  COVID-19)

OR:  Call in # to get assessed – For individuals without access to the internet. Every day from 7am to 7pm community members can call MUSC’s general line (843-792-2300), explain that they don’t have access to the internet but would like to get screened for COVID-19, and get directed to a team that will be completing screenings over the phone.



SC House Calls:  To get medical help IN-HOME (COVID-19 test, blood drawn, CT scans, telemedicine) Contact:  Deeanna Enfinger: 843-494-2294

Fetter Healthcare Network:  Free COVID testing:

Home Visits Call center 1-800-491-0909

Safety tips for you and your family











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