Resident Resources

Resident Services works closely with Public Housing and Section 8 to serve and assist all CCHRA residents. Through that collaborative effort, Resident Services is able to promote activities and programs for our youth and seniors.

The department also administers two programs to help residents become economically self-sufficient:

  1. The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, a Section 8 program of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) encourages communities to develop local strategies to help assisted families obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency. Residents in the Section 8 Program may sign up to participate in FSS. The program works with residents, who establish goals such as, continuing their education, job training, purchasing a first-time home, or starting a small business. Residents who participate in the program must agree to work toward achieving their goals and participate in specific training. Participants build escrow accounts from their rent payments to help them reach their final goal at the completion of the program. The Resident Services Department works with various agencies in the community to develop resources for participating FSS family members.
  2. The Individual Development Accounts Program is administered by the Lowcountry Housing & Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (LHEDF). This asset building program helps participating families learn about saving money, budgeting, and more, through financial literacy training. They also receive goal specific training. The three-year program provides matching funds (2:1) as participants save for purposes such as buying a first home, going to college, or starting a small business.

The Lowcountry Housing & Economic Development Foundation also sponsors an annual Junior-Senior Art Exhibition in the fall. The Exhibition is a venue of the acclaimed MOJA Arts Festival. The goal of the Junior-Senior Art Exhibition is to promote artistic talents of public housing authority residents. Residents from Public Housing Authorities throughout North & South Carolina are invited to participate. Local public & private school students are also invited to participate.

Activities under Resident Services:
Residents Advisory Board
PHADA Bollinger Scholarship
Residents Leadership Training
Resident Initiative Council Track & Field
Resident Initiative Council Spelling Bee
Resident Initiative Council Spring Fling
CCHRCO Carolinas Councl of Housing & Redevelopment Officials
Southeastern Regional
Council Scholarship
Junior-Senior Art Exhibition


Maintenance Contacts

Single Family Housing/Lincolnville:
Stephanie Gladden     843-297-1770

Brighton Place/Mayflower Court:
Mary Justice     843-297-2151

Joseph Floyd Manor:
Work Order Hotline 843-410-2679

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