IFB-18-05-001 – Interior Painting (Joseph Floyd Manor)

There will be a Mandatory Pre-Bid meeting at 11:00am on May 17, 2018 at 2106 Mount Pleasant Street, Charleston SC 29403. All questions must be submitted in writing no later than 2:00pm on May 18, 2018 to agailliard@cchra.net.

See related documents for details.

Status: OPEN
Closing Date/Time: Monday, 5/28/2018 2:00 PM
Pre-bid Meeting: Thursday, 05/17/2018 @11:00am
Contact Person: Angela Gailliard – Phone: 843-628-6239 – Email: agailliard@cchra.net
Related Documents:
IFB-18-05-001 – 1.0-Interior Painting (JFM)
IFB-18-05-001 – 2.0-Attachment A (Form of Bid)
IFB-18-05-001 – 3.0-Attachment B (HUD-5369-A)
IFB-18-05-001 – 4.0-Attachment C (Profile of Firm Form)
IFB-18-05-001 – 5.0-Attachment D (Section 3 Submittal Form)
IFB-18-05-001 – 5.1-Attachment D-1 (Section 3 Explanation)
IFB-18-05-001 – 6.0-Attachment E (HUD-5369)
IFB-18-05-001 – 7.0-Attachment F (SIBC)
IFB-18-05-001 – 8.0-Attachment G (Sample Contract Form)
IFB-18-05-001 – 8.1-Attachment G-1 (HUD-5370)
IFB-18-05-001 – 8.2-Attachment G-2 (HUD-92554M)
IFB-18-05-001 – 8.3-Attachment G-3 (HUD-4010)
IFB-18-05-001 – FY 2018 Income Limits Documentation System — Summary for Charleston County, South Carolina

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